Tuesday 17 September 2013


The project aims are presenting the EU in a positive light to the youth and encouraging their active involvement in EU issues. We hope to strengthen international cooperation and knowledge of partners' languages and cultures. We will use IT to encourage communication and youth-friendly materials and activities to motivate their interest. In the course of the project students will have the opportunity to learn more about the European Union and its member countries, about other cultures and ways of life and to make sure that people from various cultural backgrounds are able to work together to promote European values. Knowledge of different cultures should combat discrimination and racism. Participation in different activities will enhance communication and interaction skills and teach them how to live in a multicultural Europe. We believe that entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and adaptation to the rapidly changing world of work is very significant for the future of the youth. All in all involving youth in European issues will help them get rid of their prejudice towards EU countries, make them willing to be active citizens and qualified workers of the EU and also motivate them to continue their studies, preventing them from early school leaving.